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16 December 1989
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Who I Am.
My name is Daniel. Or Jynnx. Or whatever else you want to call me. My genetic heritage is biracial, both black and white. Here are some random facts about me.

Polyamorous. As far as I'm concerned, love is love. You can't control how many people you love anymore than you can control who you love. My heart is big enough that I can love many people, romantically, at the same time. Take it or leave it, I don't care either way. All that matters is that I know who I love and why I love them; nothing anyone can ever say will shatter that.

Pansexual. I love people for who they are, not what they look like. I find myself attracted equally to both sexes, because it's the personality that means the most to me. Truth be told, I don't even really think about the physical sex of the people I love unless it becomes important for other, non-romantically tied reasons.

Gamer. I love to game. This spans both consoles, PC's, and, most of all, table-top RPG's. My favorites are Advanced Dungeon's and Dragons (2nd Edition) and RIFTS. I've even designed a couple of my own over the years, and have a list of games that I need to start/finish constructing that spans longer than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Most of my video gaming takes place on the computer. I'm not much of a console fan anymore, because most of the games I find myself wanting that come out on the consoles end up coming out on the PC anyway. Some of my favorite video games include: The Elder Scrolls, Jak and Daxter, F.E.A.R., Prey, Planescape: Torment, Quake, Doom, Masters of Orion, DX-Ball, Worms, Guild Wars and KOTOR. As far as miniatures games go, I'm a fan of just a few. Heroscape, Heroclix and AT-43. But, this is primarily do to the glaring fact that I haven't played very many of them.

Pagan. I refer to myself as a Universalist. I believe that all religions have some amount of truth to them. I believe that all gods dreamt of by the human mind have existed, at one point or another, but that their existence has waned out with the passage of their followers. I believe that it isn't a matter of which religion is "right" universally, but which religion is right for each individual person. I believe that your personal faith, or lack thereof, determines what happens to you, individually, after death.

Furrie. I've been a member of the furrie community for some time now. I've run through three fursonas, the first two being canine/canid breeds, with my current fursona being a hybrid between a unicorn and a mouse. You can find the character sheet for my fursona, Jynnx, in the scraps section of my Deviant Art gallery. Unfortunately, I've never been to a furrie convention; but I would like to, one day. I also plan to build a fursuit of Jynnx, though I find myself confused as to how I could make digitigrade legs for it without making it uncharacteristically tall.

Lover. As angry as I can get, as spiteful as I can get, it all springs from my passion to protect the things that I love the most. This includes my ideals and my favorite people. Nothing I have ever seen in this world is stronger than the bonds of love, and, go ahead and call me an idealist, I do believe that as long as you love someone, you can overcome anything if you put forth the effort. Anything less, and it only ended because someone gave up.

Writer. I prefer to write short stories, though I have a few novels in the works. I'm also a fairly good poet. Most, if not all, of my finished writings can be found in my Deviant Art gallery. Typically, my best genres are fantasy, science fiction, romance, and any blend thereof.

Who I Am Not.
I'm not your hero. I'm no one's personal savior. I'm not an optimist, and I'm not a pessimist. I'm not a workaholic. I'm not crazy, but I'm not sane. I'm not special, but I'm not the same. I'm not a big conversationalist with new people. I'm not very social, except for with a select group. I'm not easy to get rid off. I'm not hard to to make fall for you. I'm not someone you have to hate, but not someone you have to love.

I'm not a perfect person.